Fiber Optic Broadband

We offer packages that far exceed our competitors' options. Super-fast performance for everything you do online. And we built our network so it will easily meet your bandwidth demands in the future—even up to 1,000 Mbps!

Adored by Our Customers

Slic employs your family and friends. We're just down the road, and we care deeply about you and about the future of our towns and communities. We work hard to deliver superior customer care.

Crystal Clear Phones

Our phone service over fiber optic lines offers the stunning voice quality you expect. And we go further—unlike our competitors, we provide battery backup that can last up to eight hours. Outages happen, but with Slic, when your power goes out, there's a better chance your phone will remain on to place that critical emergency call. (IPTV)

Our 100% fiber optic network delivers more visual and audio data to your television than other providers' systems. In HD? Yup - over 65 HD Channels. It's all digital. More than that, you'll get the most innovative television experience you can find. Available in select areas now!

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